[FFmpeg-user] Wrong TC read with doubled Framenumber read out when input is 50p

Bouke / Videotoolshed bouke at videotoolshed.com
Sun Nov 6 12:10:21 EET 2022

> On 6 Nov 2022, at 08:42, Björn Büchel via ffmpeg-user <ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org> wrote:
> Hi, when I pass a 50p h264 or h265 Video to "ffmpeg -i" without any further code the console shows the "TC In" of the Video. But the Frame coloumn of the File is doubled so the output has the wrong TC. 
> e.g. 
> orginial File TC: 10:00:00:05	
> ffmpeg -i shows: 10:00:00:10
> or e.g. 
> orginial File TC: 10:00:00:45	
> ffmpeg -i shows: 10:00:01:40
> Is this a known issue or does anyone have a workaround?

This I’ve never seen. I know that the TC is written as frames in Mov, Mp4 and MXF, so you need the frame rate to convert to HH MM SS FF
This sometimes goes wrong, so different apps calculate different TC values, but that is always the entire number doubled / halved.
In your case only the frames are doubled, this makes no sense, a frames to tc routine will not use a different FPS for hours / minutes / seconds and frames.

When you say ‘original File TC’, what makes you so sure that is indeed correct? What software tells you that? Did you try other apps? (Resolve / Premiere / Avid / Quicktime player / whatever you have.)


> I would appreciate your help. 
> Björn
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