[FFmpeg-user] combining audio and video

Reino Wijnsma rwijnsma at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 6 15:30:29 EET 2022

On 2022-11-06T12:50:16+0100, owen s <owen94012 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it possible to have two urls, one streaming audio and one for video;
> using ffmpeg to combine these streams and just playing them as one without
> saving a file?

ffmpeg -i "<video-url>" -i "<audio-url>" -c copy -f nut - | ffplay -autoexit -
ffmpeg -i "<video-url>" -i "<audio-url>" -c copy -f nut - | mpc-hc - /close

or of course:

mpc-hc "<video-url>" /dub "<audio-url>" /close


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