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Dave Blanchard dave at killthe.net
Wed Nov 9 01:55:00 EET 2022

On 11/8/2022 2:50 PM, Dave Blanchard wrote:
> I can't believe you dropped ffserver. [...]

> Perhaps it's because other projects were eclipsing ffserver, only the developers know for sure. 

So how about we just wait for one of them to comment, instead of wasting time with speculation.

Personally, I don't care WHY they decided to do it. I'm pissed that they did it, leaving me with some useless bullshit like mkvserver_mk2 as the only "alternative."

> Why not offer to take over maintenance and bring it up to date?

Are you seriously asking me this? What a stupid question.

Why don't I offer to take over maintenance of a specialty application that only audio/video streaming experts understand, which was an important part of an entire *suite* of multimedia tools created by such experts, when I'm already busy maintaining an entire Linux distro, plus a thousand other things in my life? 

Why don't I just drop everything to reimplement from scratch something that was already (half-assed) implemented, which half the net apparently came to rely on, before it was discontinued without warning, when my goal is to get my security camers back up and running TODAY so I can catch this piece of shit who is robbing me blind? 

If it's not clear yet, maybe you should think about that a little more, until the answer becomes obvious.

> Or look at this for something-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_streaming_media_systems#Servers

Not helpful. It's all either proprietary, doesn't have the right features, or is trash, like the 'official' alternative mkvserver_mk2.

> Or lay out what you've tried, what worked/didn't work, and some more specific requirements and maybe someone will make more informed suggestions.

"[...] stream MJPEG off my capture card, transcode/filter to MPEG2, and stream directly to HTTP. [...]" Just like ffserver used to do.

Dave Blanchard <dave at killthe.net>

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