[FFmpeg-user] ffserver

Clay clay at 42streams.com
Wed Nov 9 17:16:03 EET 2022

Nicolas George wrote on 11/9/22 03:18:
> Dave Blanchard (12022-11-08):
>> Are you seriously asking me this? What a stupid question.
> I hope you do not expect getting help with that kind of attitude.
> To vent your frustration, please go elsewhere, this list is not made for
> that. (I suggest you prefer a therapist over violence towards people
> around you.)
> I would also suggest you use a mail software that does not break
> threads, but it will not matter much anyway.
While I *really* understand Dave's frustration (including the added
pressure of dealing with major irl problems), Nicolas is right:  this is
not the forum for high-temp venting.  This mail list is one of the best,
most beneficial resources "out there" and certainly is top tier for
ffmpeg.  Please keep it that way. 

Regarding ffserver, man, were I but a coder! I like to think I'd take it
up where it ended because it is a good starting point. It seems
NGINX+ffmpeg is a solid combination (at least for my use case).

Do any of you know which, if any, of the servers indicated therein
are based upon ffmpeg or ffserver?

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