[FFmpeg-user] ffserver

Rob Hallam ffmpeg at roberthallam.com
Wed Nov 9 19:26:38 EET 2022

> > On 11/8/2022 2:50 PM, Dave Blanchard wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Nov 2022 at 17:08, Carl Zwanzig <cpz at tuunq.com> wrote:
>> Are you seriously asking me this? What a stupid question.
> Dead serious (and hardly stupid). If that particular software is so
> necessary to your process, stop complaining that nobody else is working on
> it and do it yourself.

As you manage an entire Linux distro, I hardly need to point out (but
I will anyway for the benefit of others) that since the software is
FOSS: the unsaid, implicit part of "do it yourself" also includes "pay
someone to do it".

Other people have also lamented the discontinuation of ffserver, those
folks may also be amenable to paying a developer to work on updating

Good luck with your cameras, the situation seems quite obviously frustrating!


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