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david stephen david.stephen6782 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 15:22:48 EET 2022

ffserver is not someone that speciality in audio/video. u just need to
learn in every language that how to spawn process and pass custom argument.
at least u should know what possible u want to do with ffmpeg. if u dont
know such thing. go learn whatever programming that u enjoy. it so easy.
ffserver just schedule application to do task.

Pada tanggal Rab, 9 Nov 2022 pukul 06.55 Dave Blanchard <dave at killthe.net>

> On 11/8/2022 2:50 PM, Dave Blanchard wrote:
> > I can't believe you dropped ffserver. [...]
> > Perhaps it's because other projects were eclipsing ffserver, only the
> developers know for sure.
> So how about we just wait for one of them to comment, instead of wasting
> time with speculation.
> Personally, I don't care WHY they decided to do it. I'm pissed that they
> did it, leaving me with some useless bullshit like mkvserver_mk2 as the
> only "alternative."
> > Why not offer to take over maintenance and bring it up to date?
> Are you seriously asking me this? What a stupid question.
> Why don't I offer to take over maintenance of a specialty application that
> only audio/video streaming experts understand, which was an important part
> of an entire *suite* of multimedia tools created by such experts, when I'm
> already busy maintaining an entire Linux distro, plus a thousand other
> things in my life?
> Why don't I just drop everything to reimplement from scratch something
> that was already (half-assed) implemented, which half the net apparently
> came to rely on, before it was discontinued without warning, when my goal
> is to get my security camers back up and running TODAY so I can catch this
> piece of shit who is robbing me blind?
> If it's not clear yet, maybe you should think about that a little more,
> until the answer becomes obvious.
> > Or look at this for something-
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_streaming_media_systems#Servers
> Not helpful. It's all either proprietary, doesn't have the right features,
> or is trash, like the 'official' alternative mkvserver_mk2.
> > Or lay out what you've tried, what worked/didn't work, and some more
> specific requirements and maybe someone will make more informed suggestions.
> "[...] stream MJPEG off my capture card, transcode/filter to MPEG2, and
> stream directly to HTTP. [...]" Just like ffserver used to do.
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