[FFmpeg-user] Unable to create multiple outputs with svtav1

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Wed Nov 16 18:18:49 EET 2022

On 11/14/2022 1:16 AM, 天天快乐汤 via ffmpeg-user wrote:
> ffmpeg.exe -i 'in.mp4' -c:v libsvtav1 -preset 4 -crf 20 'p4.mp4' -c:v libsvtav1 -preset 6 -crf 20 'p6.mp4' -c:v libsvtav1 -preset 8 -crf 20 'p8.mp4'
> Result: failed, three 48 Byte file created, CPU drop to 0%, and ffmpeg never exit

Have you looked at https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Creating%20multiple%20outputs ?
"Outputting and re-encoding multiple times in the same FFmpeg process will 
typically slow down to the "slowest encoder" in your list"

You may be better off running ffmpeg once for each output file to get 
completely parallel operation.

(Entire command output missing from the previous email; include the command 
output in the body of the email.)


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