[FFmpeg-user] fmp4 streaming issues

Robin van der Linden linden at venom.one
Tue Nov 22 13:13:02 EET 2022

@Dave Blanchard
Hello again,

I've now applied the patch you provided, it worked without a problem. 
Sadly, this was not the root-cause in the end.
The stream still often breaks on quality change using VideoJS 7.20.3 
with fmp4.
I also tried to only use one single video and audio codec at my hls 
manifest just to make sure the player does not change the codec
for some reason. This sadly also did not solve the problem. I really 
start to believe that it has something to do with the way VideoJS does 
remuxing.  Yesterday I also had the chance to play around with the 
bitmovin player, and here it's working flawlessly for some reason with 
the data I generate using ffmpeg, the same data that fails with VideoJS.

I now hope that the new VHS release by VideoJS from yesterday will come 
upstream fast as it contains a lot of bug fixes, let's see.

Thanks again,


Am 2022-11-21 23:00, schrieb Dave Blanchard:
>> I tried to find some more information onto this, but I'm not sure if
>> this might be the issue:
>> https://patchwork.ffmpeg.org/project/ffmpeg/list/?series=1018
>> Is somebody able to provide some more information onto these issues? 
>> Why
>> aren't these changes already merged? Can I do this by my own, and if 
>> so,
>> how?
> If you're on Linux, you can easily build your own patched ffmpeg.
> Although I'm using SRT now, in the event you or someone else is stuck
> with HLS, I went ahead and ported this patch to the current ffmpeg
> 5.1.2 source. It's attached to this email, along with a build script
> for ffmpeg. It compiles, and looks like it will work, but I haven't
> tested it; so give it a try and see if it helps.
> First download ffmpeg 5.1.2 from:
> https://ffmpeg.org/releases/ffmpeg-5.1.2.tar.bz2
> Then put it in a directory somewhere with the script and patch file.
> By default the script builds and installs ffmpeg and the docs in the
> current directory, under ./ffmpeg and ./ffmpeg-doc. You can easily
> edit the script to replace the system ffmpeg, if you want; then just
> run the script with 'sudo'.
> You'll undoubtedly have to install a number of different -dev packages
> of various needed libraries to complete the build, so just run the
> script, watch for 'configure' to fail with missing packages, then find
> and install the -dev version of what it's looking for.
> If you need to cross-build ffmpeg for a different CPU, the script can
> do that also; set environment variable TARGET="aarch64" or whatever.
> I do recommend to switching to SRT if you can, though, as it's much
> better than HLS in my experience.
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Grüße / Kind regards,

Robin van der Linden

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