[FFmpeg-user] Ubuntu 22.04 audio capture issue

Dave Blanchard dave at killthe.net
Mon Nov 28 19:03:07 EET 2022

> [...]
> In previous versions of Ubuntu (LTS), this was no problem at all.
> Any hints or ideas are welcome,

I can't help with the audio problem, unfortunately. All I can say is this is exactly the sort of thing that drove me completely away from mainstream Linux junkware distros like Ubuntu, and into the open and waiting arms of my own custom distro, made from scratch. These sort of problems are now fading, distant memories for me. It's always set up to be exactly how I want it to be, out of the box. You would not believe how much faster, snappier, and more stable the experience is, even on new hardware, let alone old hardware. I highly recommend others to take a similar route, and get off mainstream Linux and into something better.

If you want to know what the main root of the problem is on Ubuntu, look at any software authored by the paid saboteur known as "Linux Puttering" aka Linus Poettering. That would be systemd, and of course the original O.G. Puttering junkware, pulseaudio. There is a master plan at work here, and a sinister one at that.

You have my sympathy in resolving this problem, as I know the pain all too well.


Dave Blanchard <dave at killthe.net>

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