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Dave Blanchard dave at killthe.net
Wed Nov 30 18:08:20 EET 2022

> I'm well-versed in "1984" and "Brave New World".  "Animal Farm" is still
> on my to-watch and to-read lists.  I'm also well versed in the fiction
> that is the Bible. 

You certainly *believe* you are, of course.

> I recommend people read through the website nobeliefs.com,

Yeah, I did that sort of thing decades ago also, when I was a teenager and the internet was just getting started. I was the most notorious atheist in my high school. I was just as ignorant then as you are today. And yes, just as arrogant--like I knew something everyone else didn't. I didn't. 

A quote posted a few days ago from one of the other slow learners, who has taken longer than I did to reach a higher level of understanding:

"I don't know if it is actually in the Bible, but a lot of religious Christians say that the End Times will involve the truth being accepted as lies and vice-versa. One thing is certain.  Millions and millions of people are under some kind of spell.  It is quite disturbing.  Whether you want to call it mass formation psychosis or under the spell of evil doesn't really matter.  It is real."

I've been reading more and more such quotes recently, in a place where very intelligent people gather to engage in high level discussions about important things; it's usually along the lines of, "I never used to be a believer, but with this agenda of what can only be described as absolute darkness and evil descending on the world, I'm beginning to."

A couple relevant quotes from a similar discussion:

"Keep people on the edge with one crisis and problem and worry after another; it wears down a nation.  We are now in such an era.  It is unrelenting and evil!"

"Astute observation. It is psychological warfare. I know a few people who've checked out from the news entirely, but you can't escape a societal illness. It's everywhere. Wearing down a nation and a people. People are very unhappy."

> Anyway, to echo Carl Zwanzig's response, you are veering way, way off topic for the ffmpeg list.

That's OK. There are certain readers out there who are glad we did veer off topic for a moment. 

Later down the road, you WILL become much more familiar with the facts and dangers I've warned about. The only question is WHEN you will learn these things, and what kind of trouble you might be in at the time you do.

Dave Blanchard <dave at killthe.net>

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