[FFmpeg-user] Read from pulseaudio - latency - how to fix!

Thomas Seilund tps at netmaster.dk
Thu Sep 1 17:54:06 EEST 2022

Dear All

I do live streaming and I need to pick up the audio from a microphone.

I test latency like this:

ffplay -f pulse -i 

ffplay -f alsa -i default

After running one of the commands I can hear my own voice in my 
headphones. I am happy.

But the first command gives a delay of 3 sec. The other command gives 
close to no delay.

How can I fix the first command to get close to no delay?

Both command records from the same microphone and output to the same 

What I see is that the black screen from ffplay takes about 3 sec to 
display with the first command but shows up close to instantly with the 
second command.


Thomas S

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