[FFmpeg-user] Size of 10-bit 4:2:2 video streams?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Thu Sep 15 19:09:52 EEST 2022

On 9/15/2022 5:15 AM, Paul B Mahol wrote:
> Can not guess without access to the file in question.

Of course one can guess without the file. Making guesses is part of 
scientific discovery- make a guess then see if it's correct; if it's not, 
understand why and make another. Either way, people can learn from it.

Even an AVI file has some amount of packaging around the data, so when you 
remove that to a raw video file, the data is discarded. Should 1/3 of the 
file be formatting? Can't answer that myself, but it sounds high. Is there 
an audio stream in the original file? The original email says no but verify 
that anyway.

Going from AVI to AVI? Since the console output from that wasn't included my 
-guess- is that the content was repackaged into the new container and 
something of the original causes the huge increase in size.

Always include the complete output of ffmpeg commands when asking questions, 
also use the latest ffmpeg available.


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