[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg MP4/x264 output colours change when input source is different resolution (bug?)

Dan twinbee42 at skytopia.com
Fri Sep 16 20:42:57 EEST 2022

>>> Please show your complete command line. Because for me it doesn't work.
>>> Different colors for height 576 and 720.
>> Sure:
>> ffmpeg.exe -f lavfi -i color=0x19be0f:s=400x720 -crf 0 -vcodec libx264
>> -t 5 -y -colorspace fcc 720fcc.mp4
> For me that doesn't work in Windows. The color in VLC player is
> 18,190,18 for height=576 and 13,163,11 for height=720.
> It doesn't help if I specify -color_trc, -color_primaries and -color_range.
> In VLC player are functions Tools / Media Information and Tools / Codec
> information. What's shown here is exactly the same for height=576 and
> height=720. But the colors are different.

You on Windows 10? Maybe you'd have more luck if you
tried loading the video into Chrome or Media Player Classic (like I use).

Let me know if you'd like me to try anything else.


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