[FFmpeg-user] ReplayGain Not Working Correctly

Annie Body annie.body01 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 5 14:12:41 EET 2023

HiI am using ffmpeg version 26.06.2023 with a third party  PC music streamer MinimServer.They use ffmpeg to configure and stream music via an ethernet connection between my PC and HiFi streamer.
I have found an issue where ffmpeg is not working as expected:
stream.transcodemp3:wav24, flac:wav24;
stream options
convOut=-af volume=replaygain=track

applies replaygain to MP3 and Flac
does not apply replaygain+ only replaygain-
MinmServer have confirmed the settings are as expected and infer there is an issue with ffmpeg.
Would you please advise if the settings are correct for streaming replaygain settings and whether replaygain- is working in ffmpeg.regards

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