[FFmpeg-user] Question about libopus encoding.

Aditya Dandavate adityadandavate04 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 14:38:16 EET 2023

>> >
>> With my 5 year old laptop (kaby lake based intel i7-8650U 1.9 GHz base,
>> low power quadcore), opus encoding with ffmpeg at highest quality
>> settings (-compression_level 10) has no problems encoding stereo input
>> in realtime. I suggest to try different quality levels and use the best
>> your hardware supports while keeping up with realtime encoding.
You are right sir. compression_level 10 gives best quality without
significant increase in encoding time, man, libopus audio encoder is soooo
good. ❤️❤️

Live long FFMPEG and each of its contents (encoders, decoders, etc and
everything else I missed)!

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