[FFmpeg-user] kmsgrab and audio problem

Ferdi Scholten ferdi at sttc-nlp.nl
Sun Dec 10 11:20:05 EET 2023

Cant record desktop video and audio with kmsgrab and pulseaudio/alsa on
> debian/arch system with xorg. I got video without audio or ffmpeg fail to
> record. If record only video with kmsgrab all works. How i can record video
> and audio with kmsgrab and alsa/pulseaudio?
> _______________________________________________
kmsgrab only records video, you need to specify an audio source if you 
also want to record that.

But we do not have a clue about what you are doing because you forgot 
the most important part of your question!

In order to be able to start helping you we need to see what you have 
already tried so please specify your full commandline and the full 
output of the terminal for that command.

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