[FFmpeg-user] MXF file using mpeg2video in a windows environment

Nicolas Gaullier nicolas.gaullier at cji.paris
Thu Dec 14 12:06:55 EET 2023

>Is it possible to use the codec mpeg2Video in a Windows environment?
>Do I need to install anything additional to use it?
Any platform, any cpu, the mpeg2 encoder is part of libavcodec which is part of ffmpeg, so any non-specific (with no explicit disabling) build includes it.
You can actually check it and get "inline help" of you current build this simple way:
ffmpeg -h encoder=mpeg2video

>Format:Mpeg Video
Look for an xdcamhd preset on the web, you'll find plenty. Have to take care of progressive vs. interlaced.
For example:
Note that:
- I recommend you NOT to use 420 as I experienced severe artefacts in this configuration, due to the reduced buffer size (420 chroma=>MP at ML)
- I recommend you NOT to use lmin/lmax as I experienced severe quality regression some years ago, and old command lines are no more valid currently (in my experience)
(- in case you target xdcamhd for real, you have to be very careful on the reduced sony bufsize at least; and you will not be 100% conformant anyway)


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