[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg and use of the ildct flag in progressive encoding

Erik Dobberkau erik.dobberkau at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 00:32:57 EET 2023

Sometimes it’s wanted / needed to have all files ’the same’.
> If that is interlaced, it’s interlaced. Codec should say ‘interlaced’, no
> matter the actual content.
> For Avid media, that might (depending on the version of MC) be important
> for a ‘fast import’, or omitting adapters you don’t want / need.
> In broadcast, over here interlaced is mandatory, even if the content is
> progressive.
> So no, it’s NOT complicated, and no, it’s NOT outdated.
> Bouke

I was only referring to applicability of my statement, not to the practice
as such — only taking the (likely) possibility into consideration that one
would have a different (i.e., better) approach to the required workflows
than I did about 10 years ago. If the solution is still applicable, I have
no reason nor intention to object or make a judgment.

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