[FFmpeg-user] Calculating VMAF of single videos.

Aditya Dandavate adityadandavate04 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 07:00:17 EET 2023

I viddump videos with help of FFMPEG through `Video Capture Encoding
Settings` of DSDA-Doom.

A demo (also called LMP, from the lump file extension) is any recording of
a game session that can be played back using the game engine. Internally,
it is a sequence of tic commands, keeping track of just the input control
states during each frame. Thus, a demo is much more compact than a video
capture, or even than a recording of the states of all objects in the level.

People record demos with help of DSDA-Doom source port. These demos are
stored in .lmp file format. These can be converted to videos for doing
normal things, like uploading to Youtube etc.

When I give command :

ffmpeg -timedemo nameofdemo -viddump video.mp4

It orders DSDA-Doom to playback the demos.
The video and sound are encoded as the demo is played, so the process can
be slow even on a fast computer.

The problem is 'I don't have any source material, i.e rawvideo etc'.

So, how to calculate VMAF of a single video ?

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