[FFmpeg-user] wanting to convert ripped DVD movies and TV shows to MP4 for Plex

Alan Malmberg alanmalm at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 21 22:48:36 EET 2023

I have hundreds of ripped DVDs in vob format that I want to BATCH JOB to single mp4 files WITH SURROUND SOUND for use with Plex server. Any suggestions? I see the above as doing one at a time. Mine are already ripped and removed DRM so just need to convert. But also don't want to have to create hundreds of folders and name them. Want the batch job to do it all for me. For example - -

I am trying to find an easy (and free if possible) way to convert/reencode all my ripped DVDs that I ripped and removed encryption from standard .vob files in a VIDEO_TS folder by default. I would like to do this in a batch mode to a single .mp4 file that includes either AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1 sound or DTS if that movie has it available (both if possible). The datastructure on my drive is a Movies directory - - with sub folders for each movie with VIDEO_TS folder under that with the multiple .vob files in that folder. I went searching for it and multiple folks want to do the same thing as me, but none of the answers were a set it and forget it type batch file to do say 500 movies. Do you know of a way to do this?? PLEASE??? I only want to have to do this once if possible and not 500 individual conversions if you get my meaning. I can convert with Handbrake very easily, but is a ONE BY ONE process unfortunately (at least for TV). I decided to go with .mp4 as I wanted to use it for my tablets as well as I just set up a Plex server and my son is also doing the same thing so we can share. I want the batch job to create the file folders for me automatically and move the converted file to a different drive and directory from the original files that I want to keep INTACT!! I understand that MakeMKVBatch will DELETE the original files, WHICH I DO NOT WANT....

Anyone already done this and has a script that I can use for ffmpeg? I have also ripped a bunch of TV shows that have multiple episodes per disk. Can the batch script also handle those to separate out each episode to individual mp4 files for plex? For example - each disk of Leverage has 4 episodes and then multiple disks per season. How best to do that?

I think I may have got the movie side almost done, but would still like pointers. The main issue now is the episodic TV shows that have been ripped.



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