[FFmpeg-user] Blender: a FFmpeg frontend?

Jamenson Espindula jafesp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 07:24:22 EET 2023

Hi all.

Congratulations for the terrific software.

I am so sorry if the question is a non-sense.

I am totally new to Blender, but I noticed that software uses some
libraries from the FFmpeg project (libavcodec, libavdevice,
libavformat, etc.). Also, Wikipedia says Blender uses FFmpeg. Blender
itself says ("Output Properties") the "File Format" in the Video
Sequence Editing (VSE) is "FFmpeg Video".


#1: is Blender a kind of frontend of FFmpeg?

#2: Can all Blender's operations on video be achieved by FFmpeg?

Thank you all in advance.

Happy 2024 to you all!

Jamenson Ferreira Espindula de Almeida Melo
Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco, Brazil
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