[FFmpeg-user] ebuR128 display of live source

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Sun Mar 19 12:52:12 EET 2023

 > Is there anything I can do to have FFmpeg spit out each line ‘as soon as it is available’?
I could be wrong here as I'm trying to remember something from eight or ten years ago, but I seem to recall having a similar delay problem parsing standard output from a windows commandline application of my own devising. The reason I mention it is that the problem ultimately wasn't the application itself but the standard I/O handling in Windows, which was buffering some stuff up internally under at least some circumstances.
I can only apologise for being so vague. I do remember that one of the solutions was to just output more stuff so it flushed the buffer more frequently.
This may be completely coincidental, but it'd be easy to overlook as your attention is understandably on the application rather than its environment. Is there something you could do to encourage ffmpeg to output more stuff, then reject the extra stuff in your parsing code, so as at least to isolate the problem?
- Phil  

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