[FFmpeg-user] [CfP] Liquidshop 3.0, May 30th, 2023!

Romain Beauxis romain.beauxis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 19:36:03 EEST 2023

Hi everybody,

We are glad to announce the third edition of *Liquidshop*, the Liquidsoap
workshop, which will be held online on

** Tuesday 30 May 2023 **

The goal is to gather all people interested in Liquidsoap (of course) and
welcome any contribution, related or not to Liquidsoap.

We are particularly eager to get to know how people in the community do
radio, media streaming and more, learning about specific tools or workflow
that we could, in turn, use to enhance how liquidsoap works.

We also love to meet the people involved and engaged with these
technologies, community radios, non-profit but also budding startups or
more established businesses, art projects and installations and more!

Topics of interest are for instance

   - audio and video streaming
   - radio broadcasting
   - signal processing
   - audio and video synthesis
   - website interaction
   - community projects
   - creative art and art installations
   - and so on

This is thus the place to share to the world your favorite or cutting edge
technologies and projects!

We will have 3 different tracks for the event, namely

   - showcases: short presentations about a website / radio / art
   installation that you built using Liquidsoap or other related tools
   - tech talks: in-depth presentation of a technology related to
   Liquidsoap and streaming in general
   - workshops: user-centered freeform discussions about your project or
   issues around Liquidsoap and streaming

If you're interested to participate, whether it is as an attendee or a
presenter, make sure to register via our website at
http://www.liquidsoap.info/liquidshop/3/ or directly via the form available
at https://forms.gle/2QZDNJUH9XdRJ5bP8

We are super excited for this event. We have already secured a couple of
interesting speakers and we would love to get to know the community better,
see what y'all are doing with liquidsoap and other releated projects,
community radios, live video, weird installations, etc. and meet with

Finally, if any of you have some specific topics to discuss and would like
to learn more about Liquidsoap, this will be a great place to connect!

See y'all soon!
-- Romain and Sam

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