[FFmpeg-user] Are opus stream recordings generated by ffmpeg invalid?

Jarno Suni j_suni at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 1 11:23:19 EEST 2023

I have a bit old version of ffmpeg and MPD, but I have had some issues with MPD when seeking streams recorded by ffmpeg:

That is MPD can not seek (opus) stream recordings, if you use -copyts or segmentation in recording. I used "-c copy", too. Can you tell, if there is something wrong with the recordings or have you had success with some version of applications?

An example stream for recording could be https://stream.alandsradio.ax/stream.ogg

Can you tell in which cases recordings made by ffmpeg do not have end_of_stream packet (that the MPD developer calls for).

Jarno Suni - http://iki.fi/8/ 

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