[FFmpeg-user] Are opus stream recordings generated by ffmpeg invalid?

Jarno Suni j_suni at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 5 16:55:38 EEST 2023

Oh, why should segmentation depend on a video stream? Also huge audio files may need segmentation so that they are e.g. playable in Fat32 file system on SD cards, and smaller files may be handier otherwise, too. I do not want to re-encode, because it seems to be excessive work. Timestamps are not copied in every case; it depends on the command. Playing files recorded even with segmentation, -reset_timestamps 1 and -copyts seem to play and seek fine by mpv, so I wonder, if the files are bad, but mpv can take that into account, or is it that mpd is bad and can not play/seek valid files?

Seeking the second latest command does not work by mpd (or should I say mpc) either, because of -copyts. Author of mpd complained about missing end_of_stream packet, and blamed the files, thus refusing to invest time on the issue.

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