[FFmpeg-user] hikvision eth cam live stream to youtube

frhun frobihun at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 10:33:06 EEST 2023


I have a hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW camera.
I would like to stream the image of this camera to youtube. I will 
transcode it and add text fields.
This is a sporting event with results and names of the competitors.
Youtube always complains that the bit rate is not high enough and that 
the main image frame is dropped....
1024x720 is the resolution I'm using, frame 25, codec H.264, with 8 bit 
sound coming from the camera.
I use the command line text below.

ffmpeg -r 25 -rtsp_transport tcp -i 
rtsp://admin:Valami01@ -c:v libx264 
-b:v 2M -c:aac -vf 
textfile='Z\:\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\Piros. txt': x=115: y=20: reload=1: 
fontcolor=black: fontsize=30: box=1: boxborderw=5: boxcolor=red at 0.8 , 
textfile='Z\:\kolibry2\\verseny\T_A\Feher. txt': x=115: y=55: reload=1: 
fontcolor=black: fontsize=30: box=1: boxborderw=5: boxcolor=white at 0.8 , 
drawtext=fontfile='C\:\Windows\\\Fonts\cour. ttf': 
textfile='Z\:\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\\\Ora.txt': x=20: y=20: reload=1: 
fontcolor=black: fontsize=35: box=1: boxborderw=5: boxcolor=aqua at 0.8 , 
drawtext=fontfile='C\:\Windows\\Fonts\\cour. ttf': 
textfile='Z\:\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\\Merkozes.txt': x=20: y=53: 
reload=1: fontcolor=black: fontsize=28: box=1: boxborderw=5: 
boxcolor=yellow at 0.8[out]" -preset ultrafast -f flv 

what do you get wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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