[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg retry failed segments

Stein Rune Risa steinrr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 23:36:37 EEST 2023

I am using ffmpeg to download some streaming to a mkv file. The stream
parts comes in a m3u8 file.

ffmpeg -y -i https://file.com/myfiles.m3u8 -c copy /tmp/test.mkv

In some cases, there have been some issues downloading some of the
segments, and the mkv files have parts where it freezes for some seconds
before continuing. I am now forced to check the file manually (by watching)
and then redownload if it has any issues.

I guess this happens because ffmpeg temporarily is not able to download
some of the segments referred to in the m3u8?

Is there some way that I can force ffmpeg to retry failed segments? Or at
least abort if it happens? I am kind of looking for a way to get rid of the
manual checking of the content.

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