[FFmpeg-user] The Guild

David Niklas deference at null.net
Tue Feb 6 03:46:38 EET 2024

On Mon, 5 Feb 2024 09:31:37 +0100
Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:
> David Niklas (12024-02-04):
> > Mark was good enough to privately email me
> Sorry for you.


> > And here I was looking forwards to the day when I could support FLOSS
> > devs after getting a job... sadness.
> > How do you know the money only comes from companies?
> He does not.
> But unfortunately it happens to be true right now for FFmpeg.
> In the recent years, the part of paid-for contributors has increased in
> the project and eventually the guys who caused the libav fork have
> managed to leverage this into a majority in the voting assembly and the
> committees, and are now behaving as if they own the project.
> So the recent change, where you seen fewer and fewer original features
> that cannot be found in any other project and serve a few users, will
> continue. They have broken hard-burning subtitles from the same stream,
> they have broken and are about to remove the SDL and OpenGL output
> devices.
> Because they are not interested in these fringe features that serve only
> a few users but are absolutely necessary for them. They are interested
> in basic maintenance, wrappers for hardware (proprietary) decoders. So
> expect to have only that in FFmpeg in the future.
> RIP FFmpeg. You were a good project to have fun hacking on.
> Regards,

Thanks for telling me.


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