[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg Architecture

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Tue Feb 13 18:37:10 EET 2024

On 2/13/2024 12:24 AM, Paul B Mahol wrote:
> Even if implemented properly it will not make real-time not working.
> FFmpeg does not have real variable filter chains. Everything is static,
> there are only filters that can be auto inserted once in a while.

Granted, AFAICT much of how ffmpeg is used is very much not "read time" as 
commonly understood in the computing/process-control world. it would be 
interesting if the filter chain could be modified conditionally, on a 
frame-by-frame basis, but that would definitely require some work. But a lot 
of this discussion hinges around a very nebulous idea of what any 
"scripting" would do, and without a better understanding of that it's hard 
to have meaningful discussion.

And..... much of what might be considered "scripting" looks what others call 
using an "edit decision list" (EDL), and there are multiple ffmpeg-based 
packages that already implement those (e.g. OpenShot, Shotcut, Cinelarra 
etc) and with a nice UI :).



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