[FFmpeg-user] Packet corrupt on cut, notice on concat

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 08:16:09 EET 2024

On Sun, Feb 18, 2024, 11:04 AM Mark Filipak <markfilipak.imdb at gmail.com>

> On 18/02/2024 11.53, Gyan Doshi via ffmpeg-user wrote:
> > On 2024-02-18 09:59 pm, Mark Filipak wrote:
> >> On 18/02/2024 05.09, Gyan Doshi wrote:
> >>>
> >>> Add -mpegts_flags +initial_discontinuity to get rid of the corrupt
> packet messages. This may or
> >>> may not get rid of the glitches.
> >>>
> >>> Regards,
> >>> Gyan
> >>
> >> Hey, Gyan,
> >>
> >> No effect whatsoever. Same message, same glitches.
> >
> > I forgot to mention, it has to be added to the trim commands.
> Do you mean to '-ss' & '-to'?
> Oh, no, no. Even if it worked, what would I do with all the bad PTSs and
> audio frames left dangling.
> No, '-ss' & '-to' are disasters.

I usually do not chime in on your emails where people flame you for writing
a book or being a troll because I usually learn something from the

Do you have any reaction at all to the news that decimal PTSs & DTSs are
> being truncated up? Did you
> know that? Why do you think it was done?

Lately you have not posted one example clip or logs from anything you have
asked questions about.  You're being vague and Gyan just gave you something
to try and you refused to try with just more questions.  If it not apparent
to you yet, the ffmpeg code behaves differently depending on the switches,
the options beneath the switches as well as the order of the switches.  You
keep wanting to recreate the atom bomb where everything is required to be
in precision order with precision timing.  Ffmpeg as stated by the
developers has been cobbled together over the years to accommodate multiple
containers and codecs inside them, yet for the last 2 weeks, you want it to
be an atom bomb, where the order of switches and codes and their options as
well as audio/video modifiers need to be used to accommodate your desired
end results "has" to be defined somewhere, then I suggest you quit talking
about your 50 year old programming of firmware and learn C so you can read
the code and answer your own questions.

Like I said, I used to be interested, but lately you are being obtuse and
lazy - wanting someone else to teach you when you should be teaching

Sorry, but I find this list valuable and you are starting to put a bad
taste in my mouth.  And Reindl and Paul - I don't need any smart ass
comments.  Reindal, I think that we are almost on all the same lists and
everyone hates you, and Paul, you're ego would be bad in certain circles of
technology people.


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