[FFmpeg-user] Packet corrupt on cut, notice on concat

amindfv at mailbox.org amindfv at mailbox.org
Tue Feb 20 04:01:47 EET 2024

On Mon, Feb 19, 2024 at 08:49:14PM +0100, Paul B Mahol wrote:
> Best to create minimal reproducible usecase with all required files to reproduce it

By the way, this isn't just for reporting on Trac. For most recipients of these messages (i.e. the people subscribed here) to get anything out of them, we need something to hold on to.

For example, "Based on the docs here (link), I'd expect -ss to produce the same output whether provided as an input argument or an output argument. Here's the command I ran, and here's an example file that produces different results."

Without a reproducer, it's really hard for one's eyes not to glaze over (and I say this as someone who's actually taking the time to read emails about a stranger not getting the results they wanted from ffmpeg).

Take the most extreme example:

Person A: "I ran `ffmpeg -i foo.avi foo.mp4` with ffmpeg version X and it crashed."
Person B: "I tried the same command with version X and didn't see a crash. Can you send foo.avi?"
Person A: "No."

If you could make a real reproducer, you'd get a lot more people looking into your problem. Pages and pages of information without a basic reproducer is of limited use to most people.

You've really got to find a way to cut the excess out of your giant file. ffmpeg actually provides a lot of ways to chop files up!


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