[FFmpeg-user] ffprobe can’t show ts file information

Nicolas Gaullier nicolas.gaullier at cji.paris
Tue Feb 20 18:54:23 EET 2024

>Check bug ticket #10874, this is a video file and can be played by QuickTime Player.
>> 2024/02/20 22:37、Nicolas Gaullier <nicolas.gaullier at cji.paris>のメール:
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>>> Zhengrong Zang
>>> I have some ts files that can be played by Chrome without any problems.
>>> I got nothing when I run ffprobe 001.ts as below:
>>> [png @ 000001e9016fe940] inflate returned error -3 Input #0, png_pipe, from '001.ts':
>> png/png_pipe: this is detected as a png picture Don't trust the file 
>> extension, it is not a ts file, maybe a bizarre animated-png derived video format, but anyway it seems it is not supported as a decoding error is reported.
>> Nicolas

I am afraid your file is simply corrupt. In this case, indeed, each decoder has its own strategy.
Here, the format is that broken (a PNG header with an mpegts content), that you can't reasonably expect things to go on smoothly.
The standard mechanism in ffmpeg is such a case is to force the input format (mpegts is byte-seekable with sync words all along) - if you know what your are doing, this is a possibility:
ffmpeg -f mpegts -I 001.ts

If you think your file is valid and wants your ticket to be processed, you may need to give some references either to some standards or just simply describe how you get this file: how to (re)produce it.


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