[FFmpeg-user] Use processed filename as draw text after tmix, in one pass?

Steven Kan steven at kan.org
Wed Mar 6 21:49:23 EET 2024

Planning ahead to the successor to my honeycomb time-lapse video from 2022, processed using tmix per advice from this group:



This time I’m capturing the photos with a dSLR and gphoto on a Raspberry Pi, and the dSLR does not burn in a timestamp. 

This is actually a good thing, because I don’t like how my timestamps got tmixed away last time. I’d like to apply them after tmix.

I’m saving the photos with the timestamp as the sortable filename, e.g. 


This time I’d like to tmix 50 frames, read the filename of the 50th frame, re-arrange the text of the filename to U.S. style, e.g. "03/06/24, 11:40:11 AM", and then drawtext it onto the output. 

Can this be done in one pass? Or would I need to do a first pass to create the text fields in some companion files, e.g. 2024-03-06-11-40-11.txt, or even multiple passes to do the tmix first and then the drawtext? I’d like to avoid multiple passes of video processing to avoid generation loss, if possible.


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