[FFmpeg-user] minimal/lightest decoding video and audio streams

Ivan cae8c0497c6 at tiny-vps.com
Tue Mar 12 09:51:41 EET 2024


I want to use ffmpeg decoding utility (or maybe there are other tools ?) 
running in Linux console to detect errors inside MPEG-TS stream frames: 
ideally not to decode video/audio completely, but only to check data 
integrity for decoding, output error messages and send further streams 
to /dev/null.  I check the quality of the MPEG-TS stream itself with the 
tsduck utility, but the content of the stream can probably only be 
checked with an audio/video decoder, in my case mp2/h264.

How to do the lightest decoding possible ? Or validate audio/video in a 
different way ?


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