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Fri May 17 08:18:03 EEST 2024


On 2024-05-16 21:42, Keith Reno wrote:
> I have ffmpeg-7.0-full_build downloaded on my computer.  When I select ffmpeg the screen flashes but nothing loads.  Do I have the correct version or am I doing something wrong?
> Keith

Welcome to the fun, fun world of FFmpeg!

Apologies for asking an elementary question, but, the FFmpeg program 
runs from the Command window. Are you opening a Command window and 
typing "ffmpeg" at the command prompt?

If these terms are unfamiliar, then a good next step might be to get a 
tutorial on using the Windows command prompt. Be sure to look for 
details on how to use quotes around command parameters. This list is not 
a good place to get that tutorial; people here mostly assume that 
everyone already knows how to use command-line interface programs, like 
FFmpeg and many others.

Best regards,
      —Jim DeLaHunt

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