[FFmpeg-user] Detect Frames with Green Dot?

Steven Kan steven at kan.org
Tue May 21 21:10:14 EEST 2024


Possibly off-topic, but maybe not. My time-lapse camera rig takes interior photos of my bee hive every 10 minutes. I installed a new queen 10 days ago, and she was released from her tiny cage about 5 days ago. See the little wooden box at the bottom of the photo, here:


Now that she is out and running around, she might be visible in one of the subsequent photos, but she’s very difficult to find, by eye, by scanning though hundreds or thousands of images. 

In 2021, with a vastly inferior setup, I did get lucky and find her once:


Is there any function in ffmpeg that could detect a frame of video that has a region of at least M x N pixels that is at least XX% “green,” for various values of green?

Or am I trying to use a hammer as a Philip’s-head screwdriver?


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