[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg wav lossless to youtube mov?

Ferdi Scholten ferdi at sttc-nlp.nl
Fri May 24 03:23:16 EEST 2024

> what is this supposed to be?
> 16 Bit with 44,1 kHz (CD) are sufficient.
> So, we have PCM_S16BE and PCM_S16LE.
> Whats the exact command to get it done?
> Thx

Youtube simply does not accept lossless audio in a video (at all). You 
have to encode according to their specifications. They explicitly say to 
use AAC in .mov containers, so do not use anything else as it will be 
not be accepted.

You can only upload lossless audio (as .wav or .flac) as extra language 
for an existing uploaded video, this lossless audio will be converted to 
a lossy format by Youtube that will fit the videostream (usually AAC or 

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