[Libav-user] avpicture_deinterlace and sws_scale crash on newest versions of FFmpeg

Andrea3000 andrea3000 at email.it
Mon Dec 5 19:33:36 CET 2011

Dear all,
I use FFmpeg API in my Mac OS X application to decode video frames.
In case of interlaced frame I'm used to:
1) convert frame to YUV420P with sws_scale
2) deinterlace frame with avpicture_deinterlace
3) convert frame back to my required pixel format (UYVY422) with sws_scale
(I obviuosly use two different swscale context)

This has always worked fine with git development branch of FFmpeg
till end of october.

On 11th of november I updated FFmpeg to the latest version
available on git repository and since then (till today's version of FFmpeg)
my app crash while performing deinterlace and picture format conversion.

If I convert frame to YUV420P and then back to UYVY422 (without deinterlacing),
it works fine but frame is obviously interlaced.

If I convert frame to YUV420P and then deinterlace it (without back converting to
UYVY422), the app doesn't crash but the output is obviously only a green tint.

It's only the combination of all three steps (conversion, deinterlacing and back
conversion) which makes my app crash. Debugging the crash I discovered that
it is caused by yv12touyvy_MMX2 function but, unfortunately, that function has
not been changed from end of october till now..

Where is the problem? Am I missing something?

Thank you


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