[Libav-user] mpeg-ts, rtp and output-example

david.weber at l-3com.com david.weber at l-3com.com
Thu Dec 8 01:43:50 CET 2011




the format mpegts changes are right  (fmt = av_guess_format("mpegts",
NULL, NULL);).  The problem is, that if you have the format MPEG-TS
libav don't use rtp as output method. Try to open the stream in vlc with
udp:// To output mpegts with rtp you have to do more
than adapting the output example, look at the mailinglist thread





Thanks Steffan!



For anyone following this thread, I ended up getting this working by
specifying the output to be udp://, and the input on VLC
to be udp://@:9778.


If I did not use @, then it would never open the socket on VLC (ICMP
socket not available errors visible in wireshark).


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