[Libav-user] Need to flush demux buffer.

Yedire, Sandeep syedire at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 08:04:42 CET 2011

Hi All,

I am currently using an application which uses libavformat for
demultiplexing of elementary streams for various container formats. With
FFMPEG my application will populate all necessary meta-data for decoding
and playing on proprietary h/w. During probing ffmpeg will probe till EOF
file reached and populate all necessary meta-data. All this is fine and I
am able to decode using this metadata and ffmpeg demuxed data. All is fine
when I start playback from beginning.

And now (Actual problem), If playback is not started from beginning, say
from a particular location then I do see small chunk of data present  in
ffmpeg buffers and my playback starts with that data for 2-3 seconds and
then starts with new location data. I need to clear this data before I
start playback.
I have tried using avio_flush() and avio_seek(with offset 0) and but could
not clear ffmpeg buffer. Can any one experienced with similar kind of
problem suggests on how to flush ffmpeg buffer before playback is started?


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