[Libav-user] Playing fragmented mp4 h264/AVC

Christian.Jorgensen at patria.fi Christian.Jorgensen at patria.fi
Tue Dec 13 10:54:45 CET 2011


im trying to create a videoplayer software that can playback  fragmented 
mp4 h264/AVC videos. When im trying to playback the videos i get an error 
message that says:

This stream was created by a broken encoder, invalid 8x8 inference

and this:

non-existing PPS 0 referenced 
decode_slice_header error
no frame!

The video has one audio and one video track (fragmented), i have been able 
to playback the video with SMPlayer. No other player is able to playback 
the video. When i explore the video with MP4Explorer -software it seems to 
be just fine, or atleast the header part of it and all the moof and mdat 
boxes are also in place. Does anyone have an idea what could be the 

Christian Jorgensen
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