[Libav-user] Question about the libraries' naming and rule #16

Kirill Gavrilov gavr.mail at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 17:05:42 CEST 2011

> The purpose here is to avoid having loads of dlls. Initially I was linking
> the static libraries to my own product. But I got issues with Visual Studio
> and wanted to give a try with dynamic linking. However I don't want the user
> to have to care about 5 dlls when he would actually need only one (and zero
> with the initial all-statically-linked-in-my-
> product setup).
There NO problem to statically link with LGPL/GPL product (in fact console
utility ffmpeg is often statically linked with libav* libraries).
However for product with other license only option - to use dynamic
libraries. You may to cheat - merge all libraries into ONE and publish their
sources / build procedures
over LGPL license however this doesn't make your product friendly for user
AND your closed-source product still NEED to build against this dynamic
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