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> Is anyone know how to run the FFmpeg project in Visual Studio 2010.
> I am trying to run FFmpeg in VSC++2010 but getting most of the errors.
read this first: http://ffmpeg.arrozcru.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
You can not use MSVC compiler to build FFmpeg because FFmpeg written on C
against C99 standard
and Microsoft doesn't update their C compiler for a very long time (they
concentrated on C++ and other own languages).

As FFmpeg is big project I need to make it small in size by trimming some of
> the code.
> The purpose of trimming the code is to just make the conversion of AVI to
> WMV.
this is pointless. AVI is a container that may use almost any codec for
audio / video.
libavcodec responsible for codecs and it is biggest library in FFmpeg
If you need not some codecs you may just disable them in your FFmpeg
building configuration
without manually trimming the code.
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Software designer.
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