[Libav-user] How? Accessing Intra Frame Prediction In Compressed h.264 file

Amir Rouhi-Rmit amir.rouhi at rmit.edu.au
Fri Jun 17 06:30:14 CEST 2011

Is there anybody to give me advice regarding how can i extract intra frame
prediction modes from compressed h.264 file? my mean is the 9 mode of 4x4
blocks and 4 mode of 16x16 blocks. I know they are stored in golomb code.
The I-Frame header and prefix is 0x 00 00 01 65 and after this bitstream the
intra frame content start. but how can i find them by parsing the content
bits? Standard does not help and made me confused.

Amir H. Rouhi
PhD Student/ CSIT RMIT University
Room: 14-09-04
rouhi_amirhossein at student.rmit.edu.au
amir.rouhi at rmit.edu.au
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