[Libav-user] problem of ffmpeg on Android

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2011/6/22 Nicolas George <nicolas.george at normalesup.org>

> Le quartidi 4 messidor, an CCXIX, JunHorng a écrit :
> > I used the cross-compiler of Android NDK (r5b) to rebuild the SDL source.
> No one can help you if you do not provide all the required information. You
> did not say what version of SDL you compiled, although it was specifically
> asked.
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Thank you for your reminding about the guidelines.

What I want to do is to write an Android apk to decode and play the H.264
encoded video file or video stream by FFmpeg and SDL libraries. I firstly
learned how to write an executable linux program on Ubuntu by FFmpeg and SDL
libraries and I succeeded. The version of FFmpeg is 0.6.3. But, I don't know
the version of SDL I used because the SDL libraries seem to be installed by

Then, I used the cross-compiler of Android NDK r5b to compile the source
files of FFmpeg-0.6.3 and SDL-1.2.14 to get libffmpeg.so and libSDL.a. It
was assumed that these two libraries can be used to make the Android apk I
want. However, the program was stopped at SDL_init() and the error message "No
available video device" was shown. Does anybody know how to solve this

Thank you

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