[Libav-user] RTSP/RTP streaming from camera

Bill Weinman wew at bearnet.com
Tue May 31 16:27:00 CEST 2011

I'm writing an application to stream from a camera to a wowza server for 
re-broadcast. I have most of it working.

I have encoded video (x264) and audio (aac) frames and am successfully 
communicating with the wowza server using RTSP. I'm sending ANNOUNCE and 
SETUP requests and getting the expected responses.

Where I'm stuck is with RTP. I have the results from my RTSP SETUP 
request, and I have video and audio frames, now I need to establish the 
RTP session, create the streams, and send them to the server.

In pouring over the ffmpeg code and examples I see a lot of RTP related 
code but it's so deeply intertwined with other functionalities that I 
don't need, I'm finding it difficult to isolate the parts that I do need.

Any suggestions where to look?



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