[Libav-user] compiling and running doc/examples/encoding.c on Windows

Alex Ratushnyak gralic1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 05:50:37 CEST 2011

I tried compiling and running doc/examples/encoding.c.
First of all, it must be "wb" instead of "w" in function pgm_save(),
otherwise each pgm file has different size, because each 0x0A is
preceeded by 0x0D.
Nevertheless it doesn't run properly.
Tried versions 0.8.4, git-edf1a8e, git-cbf914c, tried compiling with
-O2 and -O3. Need help.
My MinGW version is 4.5.2, and here's one of my sample files:
http://www.imagecompression.info/gralic/rebus_eye_bee.mpg  (657408 bytes)
With best regards

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