[Libav-user] Converting mpg file to ARGB frames

Drabner drabner at zoobe.com
Tue Oct 11 15:05:40 CEST 2011


I am trying to decode an *.mpg video file into single frames and then
convert these frames to the ARGB format to pass them on to a DirectX-Shader
(to play them on an object).

Now my problem is that the decoding seems to work fine, but the conversion
to ARGB seems to really f*ck up. When outputting the frames, all I get is a
screwed up pixel mash and definitely not the video I encoded. And then it
crashes in the following memcpy function at some frame.

I am passing the converted frame to the texture like this (GetFrames()
returns a vector of previously created AVFrames, 640*360 is the texture and
video size):
The data-to-texture-to-shader-code itself works well, I tested it with some
random colors using D3DCOLOR_ARGB().

I decode the video like this:
FramesCollection::DecodeVideo(const char* p_filename)
	av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "%s","Starting video decoding\n");

	// Get the format context...
	int ret = avformat_open_input(&_videoFormatContext, p_filename, NULL,
	if (ret < 0)
		av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "%s","Error opening file '%s'\n", p_filename);
	// ... and fill it with stream info (contains number of frames, etc.)

	// Find the video stream
	AVStream* stream;
	for(int i = 0; i < (int)_videoFormatContext->nb_streams; i++)
		if(_videoFormatContext->streams[i]->codec->codec_type ==
			stream = _videoFormatContext->streams[i];

	// Use stream to set the context
	_videoCodecContext = stream->codec;

	// Find the codec
	_videoCodec = avcodec_find_decoder(_videoCodecContext->codec_id);
    if (!_videoCodec) 
        av_log(_videoCodecContext, AV_LOG_ERROR, "%s","codec not found\n");
	// Open the codec
	if (avcodec_open(_videoCodecContext, _videoCodec) < 0) 
        av_log(_videoCodecContext, AV_LOG_ERROR, "%s","could not open

	// Read each frame into a packet
	AVFrame *frame;
	frame = avcodec_alloc_frame();
	bool codexInitialized = false;
	SwsContext *converterContext = NULL;
	AVPacket packet;
	while (av_read_frame(_videoFormatContext, &packet) == 0) 
		// Decode the packet to get this frame
		int got_picture;
		int length;
		length = avcodec_decode_video2(_videoCodecContext, frame, &got_picture,
		if (length < 0) 
			av_log(_videoCodecContext, AV_LOG_ERROR, "%s","Error while decoding\n");

		if (got_picture)
			// Convert the image from its native format to ARGB (for shader)
			// Create correct context
			if (!codexInitialized)
				converterContext = 
					sws_getContext(	_videoCodecContext->width, _videoCodecContext->height,
									_videoCodecContext->width, _videoCodecContext->height,
									NULL, NULL, NULL );
			// Convert frame to target format
			AVFrame* dstFrame;
			dstFrame = avcodec_alloc_frame();
			avpicture_alloc((AVPicture*)dstFrame, PIX_FMT_ARGB, 
							_videoCodecContext->width, _videoCodecContext->height);	

			sws_scale(	converterContext, 
						frame->data, frame->linesize, 0, _videoCodecContext->height,
						dstFrame->data, dstFrame->linesize);

			// Save the frame
	} // END decoding each frame

	// Clean up
	if (converterContext)
	if (_videoCodecContext)
	if (_videoFormatContext)

While decoding, I get the following message each frame (don't mind the log
format, it's my own):
/swscaler ********************
lvl: 24
msg: No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to argb./

I don't think this causes the erratic behaviour, though.

Any ideas? Cause I certainly don't have any. HELP :(
Also, if anyone knows a video format in which this would definitely work,
I'd be glad to hear it, since I can use any video format for this, anyway.

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