[Libav-user] MPEG-TS UDP Multicast streaming

Eric Hsieh(Psychesnet) psychesnet at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:12:54 CEST 2011

Dear Simon,

I have sample code about your implementation. If you need the sample code, I
can mail one to you.
If you need a clue about how to muxer the video and audio into MPEG-TS, you
just need to look for it in here

Regards, Eric Hsieh, 10/14

2011/10/14 "Simon Zünd" <simon.zuend at gmx.net>

> Hello,
> we are developing an app for iPhone / iPad and want to stream the screen
> via UDP to a multicast group. The current implementation uses the hardware
> to encode the stream with H.264. And one of the devs wrote a simple module
> which muxes the video stream into MPEG TS and sends it to the multicast.
> My question now is if its possible that ffmpeg does the muxing (maybe the
> streaming too?), because this would  clearly be a more stable approach. I
> spent a whole day looking through the header files (ffmpeg is already in the
> project). But honestly, i don't have a clue. I also took a peek at
> ffserver.c but this file is HUGE.
> So a little help / hint where to start would be very nice. It's not
> necessary that ffmpeg does all the work, but it would be huge if it would
> mux the mpeg-ts, because we will have to add an audio stream later on which
> is not yet supported in the self written code.
> Regards Simon
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