[Libav-user] PTS from best_effort_timestamp?

Isaac Wang isaac.wang at visorcorp.com
Tue Sep 27 21:56:41 CEST 2011

On 9/27/2011 10:21 AM, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le quintidi 5 vendémiaire, an CCXX, Isaac Wang a écrit :
>> I'm trying to find the correct PTS value for a H.264 video being
>> streamed via UDP.  I'm trying to use the AVFrame's
>> best_effort_timestamp function after calling avcodec_decode_video2,
>> but all I'm getting are very large negative values (i.e.
>> -9223372036854775808).  Has anyone had experience using
>> best_effort_timestamp or know of a way to find accurate PTS values?
> The value you give looks like AV_NOPTS_VALUE. AFAIK, there are no timestamps
> in elementary H.264 packets, and neither are there in UDP packets, so unless
> you are using some higher format or protocol in between, you can not expect
> to get timestamps at all.
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Thank you for your reply -- what 'higher format' would you recommend I 
use for streaming then?
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